2018 Conference

2018 Conference Agenda

Session 1:
James Glass & Sean Cummings | COSA Public Safety
Esri Workforce App and ArcGIS Online: NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four – San Antonio 2018
Erin Ukestad | COSA Solid Waste
ReWorksSA and ArcGIS Online
Session 2:
Katherine Smythe | Esri
Field Operations and WebGIS
Wendy Dodson | Alamo Area MPO
Adam Carnow | Esri
The Underutilization of GIS and How to Cure It
1:45-2:15Special Interest Group Breakout
(Various Locations)
Session 3:
Adam Carnow |Esri
Session 4:
Robert Hupp & Stephen Hoff | Bexar County
300th Anniversary Celebration of Béjar: Historical GIS Story Maps
Cecilio Martinez | Alamo Area MPO
4:15Networking Reception
(AB Lounge)

Speaker Bios and Topics

Keynote Presentation | The Underutilization of GIS and How To Cure It

When most non-GIS professionals hear “G-I-S”, they think “M-A-P”. Now that GIS is a location intelligence platform, the underutilization of it is critical and career-limiting. As a GIS professional, your purpose is to do more than make maps. It is vitally important that you proactively evangelize and market all of the GIS capabilities. This presentation will provide strategies on how to spread the understanding and full value of GIS across your organization.

Adam Carnow | Esri

Adam Carnow is a Community Evangelist at Esri, the global market leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He is a keynote speaker, thought leader and technology evangelist helping organizations get the most out of their GIS investment, and make a difference in their communities. He inspires customers to maximize their return on investment in the ArcGIS location platform. He works closely  with the Esri teams and Partners to assure customer success. He helps these organizations use the ArcGIS platform to transform from mapmakers into solution providers, through the application of location intelligence, to deliver spatial insight. He strives to assist customers in creating and reaching their vision, and gaining professional recognition for their efforts, like awards, presentations, articles and videos.

Mr. Carnow has over 25 years of experience as a GIS practitioner in the public and private sectors, as well as academia. He holds a BA in Geography, and a MA in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida, and has achieved certification as an Urban Planner (AICP) and GIS Professional (GISP).

Esri Workforce App and ArcGIS Online:  NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four – San Antonio 2018

Special Events, and how public safety first responders manage them are nothing new for San Antonio Texas. Preparation for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four however was a challenge considering the event has grown to a multi-media showcase drawing in hundreds of thousands of college basketball and live music fans. For Final Four San Antonio, first responders (Police / Fire / EMS) from the San Antonio Fusion Center identified vulnerabilities and addressed them with Esri mobile and web technology.

Building on examples from other special event management around the country, the SWTFC team leveraged the City of San Antonio’s long relationship with ESRI to address a significant challenge e.g. how to monitor, direct and communicate with field personnel during a multi venue, multi day, and pedestrian event. With ESRI professional services, a fleet of Apple I-Phones, the Workforce App and Arc GIS ONLINE (AGO); the collective team fed nearly a dozen geo-spatial data elements to a Common Operational AGO map, enabling real time situational awareness to 7 disparate operational posts. Utilizing the combined platforms to address incidents during the events were met with high complements for both Police and Fire / EMS commands as well as the NCAA security teams.

Post Final Four, the Fusion Center team retooled in 14 days and used the app and Combined Ops AGO Map to manage the city’s annual Fiesta Celebrations. Fiesta San Antonio spans 10 days and includes dozens of events, a Carnival and three parades (one river and two street) with attendance estimates in excess of 250,000 for each parade.

James Glass | Deputy Director Southwest Texas Fusion Center | San Antonio Police Department

Graduate of the University of Texas San Antonio with a Master’s Degree in Justice Policy, Bachelors from the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) with a degree in History and a minor in Education. Began working with Illinois State Police (ISP) in 1991 while finishing coursework at UIS. Helped form the Strategic Analysis and Mapping Unit at ISP which conducted statewide traffic and crime analysis. Initiated ISP’s first venture into web based ESRI GIS mapping. Represented ISP Division of Operations in several statewide projects including the migration to an 800MHZ radios system and the development of automated traffic crash and field reporting.

Accepted position to manage the San Antonio Police Departments Strategic Intelligence and Analytics Unit in July 2000, where he is currently still employed. Developed and facilitated departments COMPSTAT program. Leveraged department and city resources to expand data functionality and sharing. Transitioned to role of Southwest Texas Fusion Center (SWTFC), Deputy Director in 2017 and oversees 15 analysts. The SWTFC is a hybrid fusion center in that police / fire / other law enforcement work together under an all crimes all hazards approach. Key specialties of the SWTFC include:

• Multi-agency Investigative Task Force Support
• Strategic/Tactical/ Administrative Crime and Intelligence Analysis
• Intra and Internet web development
• Cyber Security
• Training
• Special Events

Mr. Glass also serves as an adjunct faculty in the Criminology program at the Texas A&M University San Antonio.  He has been an ESRI user since 1995.

Sean Cummings | City of San Antonio ITSD

Sean P Cummings is an Enterprise Solutions GIS Supervisor in support of Public Safety for The City of San Antonio. Sean oversees the management of GIS Data and Functionality for Public Safety Systems. This includes Computer-Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, as well as Data Collection Apps and Reporting tools.

Sean has a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography from the University of Missouri, with an emphasis in Urban and Economic Systems, and has worked for The City of San Antonio, since 2007. In that time, Sean has been part of the implementation of a multi-agency Computer-Aided Dispatch System, a redistricting project for the San Antonio Police Department, and the deployment of ArcGIS Online maps and apps for mobile solutions.

ReWorksSA and ArcGIS Online

ReWorksSA, the Commercial Recycling Division of the City of San Antonio’s Solid Waste Management Department, built a series of programs that would launch in February of 2018. These programs include consultations, a no-cost container assistance program, a recycling certification, and the website ReWorksSA.org. Through ArcGIS Online we used Survey123, a Story Map, and a custom web mapping application to roll out the certification, recognition, and resources pieces of our website. This presentation will share our journey from planning to implementation and discuss where we would like to go in the future.

Erin Ukestad | City of San Antonio Solid Waste

Erin Ukestad has worked with GIS for 10 years as a technician, analyst, and supervisor. She graduated from Trinity University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies. Today, she works with ReWorksSA – the new commercial recycling division of the Solid Waste Management Department. Today she will be talking about how she and her team used GIS to build and launch the ReWorksSA program.

Field Operations and WebGIS

This session will focus on sharing a WebGIS workflow for field operations using several Esri technologies. Getting up and running is easier than you think with configurable applications and easy ways to share your authoritative data.

Katherine Smyth | Esri

Katherine Smyth is a Solution Engineer at Esri. Over the past few years, she has helped many government organizations brainstorm and plan geospatial systems. Katherine enjoys supporting local GIS communities such as AAGIS and believes that innovation is dependent on such thriving communities.

Story Maps:  How the Alamo Area MPO is Utilizing Story Maps for Public Outreach

In February 2018 the Alamo Area MPO held a series of public meetings that provided information and gathered public feedback on 48 transportation projects that competed for federal funding. This presentation will demonstrate how the AAMPO utilized story maps (ESRI web application) as a stand-alone resource by combining layers, text, videos, links, official documents, and interactive maps. Also, will give a live demo of a story map in the making created for an upcoming AAMPO effort.

Wendy Dodson | Alamo Area MPO

Wendy Dodson is a GIS Analyst with the Alamo Area MPO. She earned an Associate of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Northwest Vista College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Wendy has become an integral member supporting the GIS related systems at the Alamo Area MPO, as well as developing web applications to support the transportation planning and community outreach. She enjoys and has volunteered for causes that help to preserve the environment and educate the community, such as Texas Recycle Day, Earth Day, Graffiti Wipe Out, and GIS Day.

Special Group Tech Session | Adam Carnow | GIS for Leaders – Seven Elements of a Successful Enterprise GIS

It takes more than technology for an enterprise GIS to be successful. It requires business and IT management skills. This session will review the seven elements of a successful enterprise GIS and provide strategies how GIS Managers can implement them. The seven elements are:

• Vision and Leadership
• Understand how GIS can contribute to your organization’s success
• Develop and maintain a GIS Strategic Plan
• Implement effective governance
• Implement evolutionary approaches (change management)
• Deploy engaging apps
• Recruit, develop and maintain good staff

300th Anniversary Celebration of Béjar: Historical GIS Story Maps

Bexar County, through its Heritage & Parks and Information Technology Departments, recently partnered with the University of Texas at San Antonio’s History Department and Center for Archaeological Research to produce a series of web mapping applications celebrating the 300th Anniversary of Béjar. To better acquaint the public with their community’s long and rich history, this collaboration primarily utilized interactive mapping interfaces known as story maps. This presentation not only showcases the story maps themselves, but also provides a behind-the-scenes look at the process by which they were created, migrated, and hosted.

Robert Hupp and Stephen Hoff | Bexar County

Robert Hupp and Stephen Hoff, are GIS Analysts from Bexar County’s Information Technology Department.

Tableau: Data Science – Making the Complex Simple

This will be an introduction to Tableau. The business intelligence software that helps people see and understand their data. We will explore some local examples and see how they are leveraging Tableau. We will do a step by step overview of the basic data connections and Tableau’s interface. We will show how the AAMPO is using it. Finally, if time permits we will do a live demo.

Cecilio Martinez | Alamo Area MPO

Cecilio Martinez is the GIS Manager at the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO). He has been at the AAMPO for over 15 years. Martinez previously worked for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in the Water Resource Division and has over 20 years of experience in GIS. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of Texas –San Antonio. He has been actively involved with local GIS-related outreach efforts, including 14 GIS Day events, managing the regional Strategic Geospatial Coordination Committee (SGCC) for 8 years, and currently serving as an active member of the Alamo Regional Data Alliance (ARDA) and the Alamo Area GIS Users Group.